Ebox Plant 1700

Transportable electric system

Ebox Plant 1700 impianto elettrico trasportabile

Perfect for the outdoor and industry

Ebox Plant 1700 is a practical transportable electric system that allows to charge different electric devices, everywhere and at any moment. You can use it at home, at the beach, in the mountains or in the desert. With Ebox Plant you can recharge smartphones, cameras, fridges, notebooks, televisions and other equipments.
Ebox Plant turned out a perfect solution for fridges OFF GRID power supply in the field of vending.

Technical features

Dimensions (mm): 690mm x 270mm x 290mm

Weight (kg): 24.3kg

Nominal battery capacity: 1.705Wh

Battery Chemestry: LiFePO4

Colour: Grey/Black

Input voltage: 230VAC

Charging parameters

Power/Charging current: 300W

Discharge parameters

Output voltage: 12.8VCC

Output power: 384W

Environmental Conditions

Temperature: 0°C/+30°C

Humidity: 0%/+90%

What can I recharge with Ebox Plant 1700?


How can I recharge Ebox Plant 1700?

Through the power grid

Connect Ebox Plant to the electricity via AC/DC cable

cavo AC/DC

Through INFINITY and SUNSHINE Green Battery panels

  1. Open your panel, put it on the ground and expose it to the sun.
  2. Connect your panel to EBOX PLANT and charge your devices.

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