Green Battery comes from the idea of Enrico Cappanera, who after working for many years in both electric car and PV industry decided to create a practical off grid power station that would be usefull in absence of electricity.

In 2015, thanks to a strong team of designers and electrical engineers, Green Battery developes Ebox, an off grid portable solar powerstation that can be charged anywhere by using a solar panel.

The ebox can be monitored on smartphone thanks to its app which verifies the battery status and temperature and the GPS location, in case of emergency situations.

After the earthquakes that hitted Centre Italy in 2016, we discovered that by creating basic tools that everyone needed and wanted, they could use those tools to create income opportunities in their community.

There are more than 1.3 billion people in the world who don’t have access to electricity so the idea was to bring it to them by using the power of the sun.



    With the portable stations you can keep in charge many products depending on the power stations range.
    With Green Battery stations you can use electric working tools, big refrigerators, medical appliances and much more.

    REFERENCES 2017-2018

    • 5 kit storage for one of the main Marche companies of Vending machines
    • 26 of 13 kWh kit storage for electric vehicles in the Emilia Romagna region
    • 1 of 60 kWh kit storage for Minibus in Puglia
    • 3 of 60 kWh kit storage for electric vehicles in Croatia
    • 1 of 60 kWh kit storage in Brazil
    • 1 of 60 kWh kit storage in Senegal
    • 3 of 60 kWh kit storage for electric vehicles in the Czech Republic